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Equipping women to be Jesus online.

July 28-30th, 2016




Join us for 3 days from July 28 - 30th 2016.
Enjoy meals, fellowship, and amazing speakers.
Day 1
28 Jul 2016
Day 2
29 Jul 2016
Day 3
30 Jul 2016

Living Water for Thirsty Souls

As digital evangelists, we offer a "drink of water" through life-words to a thirsty world. But if our own thirst isn't quenched by the Living Water in the dailiness of life, we won't be equipped to "give a drink" to those to whom we're called to minister. In this session we will walk with Jesus to that Samaritan well and experience afresh the water our Lord graciously offers.
Lara Williams

It Is in the Secret Place We are Developed

We are called to communicate the heart of God. But in order to, we must know God’s heart intimately. In this session we will learn there is purpose in the pause, why we should make God’s presence a priority over productivity, and how God speaks through our hidden life. It is in secret we are developed, not on stages.
Michele-Lyn Ault

Fighting for Peace

We are all trying to walk out the calling God has on our lives and be good and faithful servants. Along the way we can get so distracted by what others are doing (comparison), lose site of who God says we are (our self worth), or get off track with the things that don't really matter. God longs to keep us in perfect peace throughout the journey of fulfilling His call on our life. Let's learn what it means to fight for peace as you walk out your calling.
Kristin Lemus

Increasing Social Media Engagement

The digital landscape is in the midst of one of its greatest shifts in influencer marketing. Content creators, bloggers and online entrepreneurs have tremendous opportunity to look beyond basic metrics and realize the power in cultivating engagement through community and personal brand identity. We'll discuss voice, brand, and will go over powerful ways to increase engagement as you reach and secure a solid spot in the digital landscape—with a special focus on the Science of Facebook.
Rachel Martin

You Talk the Way You Hear

After treating cochlear implant patients, conducting podcast interviews, and studying ancient Hebrew, Heather learned “you talk the way you hear.” Through personal stories and practical tips attendees will be inspired to draw near, discern, and declare God’s truth to a weary world.
Heather MacFadyen

Breaking Busy

We live busy lives. And we often feel like we need to be all things to all people: the perfect mom, the best wife ever, the employee who never misses a beat ... and it is absolutely exhausting! Alli will help you learn to make decisions with confidence and live with purpose. You will be empowered to trade crazy busy for confident calm.
Alli Worthington

Overwhelmed and Insecure

If you're stuck because you don’t know where to begin, lost somewhere in the middle, or your confidence has faded and you're questioning your purpose, this session is for you. We all need encouragement and practical tools to build us up and re-light the fire inside of us. This session will help you do just that!
Anne Watson

Unlocking the Power of Your Story

Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, faith-based writer, self-help author, or social media maven, your audience is coming to you for a story. In this session we’ll start unlocking the power of your unique narrative—the storyline only you are qualified to tell—and how to use key storytelling tools to engage and grow your audience.
Jen Weaver

Blog Your Way To A Book Deal

Interested in turning your blog into a published book? Trying to navigate the world of book proposal writing to find the right agent or publisher for your message? In this session literary agents Blythe Daniel and Jessica Kirkland will give you practical tips on how to write an effective book proposal with the right elements included and also the mechanics of taking content from your blog to a book: what to do and what not to do. Includes proven research and examples of books that have gone through this process.
Blythe Daniel
Jessica Kirkland

5 Lies We Believe About Running A Website

Come hear one girl's story of how she discovered it was easier than she ever believed to conquer the technical side of her website. Her story is one you can absolutely see yourself in. You can do it and Lindsey will show you how.
Susan Ramsey

How To Dream And Do Well: not perfectly, but {well}

As dreamers and doers deep down we struggle with the desire to be everything to everyone and fight the desire to do it all. In the process we grow weary and often times burned out. When we are weary and burned out, we stop walking in the perfect design God created just for us. We are here to bring glory to Him so how do we do that {well}?
Jenn Sprinkle

How to Turn Inspiration into Practical Action: Deciding what comes next when ideas (and opinions) abound

Deciding what comes next when ideas (and opinions) abound. Kat Lee will help you learn how to filter the firehose of ideas and information you encounter every day so you can create (and stick with) a clear plan of action for your online presence.
Kat Lee



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