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Purchase the Keynotes from The Declare Conference 2013 and get the sessions free. There were some amazing sessions with a wealth of information on blogging and the heart behind it.

Declare Audio 2013

The cost for the 3 Keynotes is $10 and get 16 additional sessions free!

Here is a complete list of the audio included with your purchase:


Blessed Be the Blogger – Mary Demuth

What To Do When You Enter a New Season– Jill Monaco

Building a Platform that Matters – Jeff Goins


Oh the Places You’ll Go {Kristen Schell} 

Finding Inspiration While Raising a Family {September McCarthy} 

Authenticity as an overflow from your relationship with God {Lara Williams} 

Social Media for Good {Laura Krokos/Paul Burke (Sevenly)} 

Blog Like A Ninja: How To Be An Effective and Efficient Blogger {Kat Lee} 

Find your Writing Voice {Mary DeMuth} 

Social Media 101 {Amanda White}  Purposeful photography-{Wynne Elder} 

Leading others & balancing multiple blogging commitments {Katie Orr} 

Blogging FAQ {Amy Lynn Andrews} 

Advanced Photography Class/Stunning Light & Great Composition {David Molnar} 

Making the Most of DIY Posts {Abbie Halberstadt} 

How To Blog Profitably: 10 Simple Ways To Make Money Writing About What You Love {Rachel Holland} 

Working with SponsorsHow Bloggers & Sponsors Help Each Other {Jill Monaco/Kristin Lemus} 

Publication Panel {Mary DeMuth, Jeff Goins, Jessie Kirkland} 

What Content Creators Need to Know About Google+  {Holly Homer} 

Purchase the 3 Keynotes and get the 16 additional sessions included today!