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3 Ways To Avoid Pre-Conference Panic

3 Ways To Avoid Pre-Conference Panic -

You read the conference description. You felt the nudge to register. God opened the door and suddenly a ticket was purchased, a hotel reserved, flights scheduled. And now it’s a week away and you’re wondering why in the world you thought you were brave enough to do this. Maybe you don’t know anyone else who is attending, or this is your first time traveling alone. Maybe you’re leaving your family for the first time, or you’re brand new to blogging and overwhelmed wondering how you’ll fit in.

Don’t let the pre-conference panic distract you from the blessing God has for you. Pack those bags, get on that flight, and show up scared – then trust God to show up and show off.

I’ve attended several conferences in the last few years and I still get nervous and can’t sleep the night before. I get homesick and miss my family. I wonder where I’ll sit at meals and who I’ll share a room with, what to pack, and how much “fake extrovert” I can manage before I need to take a break. But I’ve learned a trick or two over the last few years that I thought might be helpful to share {And if not? Take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one showing up shaking in her boots – you can always come find me for a friendly hug.}.

1. Connect before the conference – take advantage of the Declare Conference Facebook group and the #declareconf hashtag on Twitter. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what to pack, how to find the hotel shuttle, or find out who else shares your love of chocolate/Twitter/coffee. When you start the small talk online before the conference, meeting those friends in real life will be fun and not stressful. Need something specific to look forward to? On Thursday night at 10 p.m. CST, you’re officially invited to hang out with me in the hotel lobby to watch the premier of Jen Hatmaker’s HGTV show “My Big Family Renovation.” Y’all. I’m so excited. And because I love you and I love Noonday Collection, and they love you, too, there will also be a fun Noonday giveaway that night … and a sneak peek of their brand new fall line. Will you come hang out with me? I’d just love that!

2. Do what works for you – some of us are super Type-A and love to have all the details of the conference with us at all times, printed and tucked in with paper for notes, a little list of people we’d like to meet, the sessions we’d like to attend chosen, and business cards to pass out to everyone we meet. Some of us get itchy thinking about planning all of that. There isn’t a right or wrong way to prepare for or attend a conference. If you think you’d like to hand out business cards, great! Make sure they have your blog address, name, Twitter handle, and photo so it’s easy for others to remember you and connect after the conference. Business cards not your thing? I always forget to hand mine out, but will often look someone up right away on Twitter and follow them so I don’t forget to connect – or snag a photo with them and send myself an email to remember our conversation.

3. Show up with an expectant heart – trust that God has something beautiful planned for you and look for it. It might be as small as a kind smile from a new friend or as big as an amazing publishing opportunity. It might be delivered in the middle of a session you never planned to attend, or during a keynote from your favorite speaker. Maybe the blessing comes from a late night conversation with your roommate or time spent quietly in the prayer room. Expect it. Look for it. Find ways to be that small blessing for someone else. Be affirmed that this is where God wants you, in this season.

You can do this, friend. I simply can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. While I won’t be able to attend Declare (although I have LOVED the podcast anyway!), I’m excited to attend Allume in the fall. There’s no plane ticket involved for me for that one, so as a newbie, it was a little more accessible. I’m the introverted, type-A too so it was fun to read about someone else with lists, workshops picked out, and lists of people to meet. Glad I’m not the only one. I can’t wait to see what God does both at Declare (I’m sure I can follow along on social media.) and at Allume. Hooray for connections and community!

  2. Thank you for this post! As a newbie blogger and my first blog conference I needed the reminder I am right where God wants me in this season! Hope to meet you next week, Crystal 🙂

  3. Thanks Crystal, so what I needed to hear tonight (actually 1.30am, must be so excited I can’t sleep!) so so looking forward to Declare and I would love to hang with you in the lobby on Thursday at 10.00, it’s a date!!

  4. “Be affirmed that this is where God wants you in this season”. Oh, how I needed to hear those words! I so very much wanted to go to Allume, but its not working out for me to do so right now. Going to Declare was a wonderful alternative, and unexpected! I’m doing a musical show right now, and that weekend in fact, and Declare is 8 minutes from the theatre! Excited to connect and move further in my writing dream, while still perusing my musical theatre dreams! 🙂 Looking forward to saying hello, and hoping hanging out with you! Thanks for your words!

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