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MEET MELANIE: Melanie Dale is a minivan mama and total weirdo who stinks at small talk. Her laugh is a combination honk-snort, and it’s so bad that people have moved away from her in the movie theater. She adores sci-fi and superheroes and is terrified of Pinterest. Author of Women Are...
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Jen Weaver {EP 50} No Such Thing As Balance

MEET JEN: Jen Weaver is a communicator and storyteller, both in the written word and as a conference speaker and church teacher. Married to her best friend Jared, and proud momma to an adorable toddler, she’s passionate about helping people achieve freedom and fullness in everyday life. You can find her blogging...
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MICI USA! :: Janelle Knox (EP 49)

MEET JANELLE: Janelle is one of our most favorite Aussies! As the founder of MICI Magazine and all of it’s subsidiaries, Janelle is passionate about helping women and girls live out the truth of Ephesians 1:11-12 ‘For it is in Christ that we find out who we are and what...
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You open Instagram and see beautifully created graphics featuring inspirational quotes. Then you head over to Pinterest and wonder how you could make images like the ones you see. And after you sign up for a blogger’s email list, you wish you could create a free printable for your site, to encourage your readers to sign up for YOUR list. It can be frustrating to open up websites and apps, trying to figure out how to use them. Even after you find out exactly which tools another blogger or business owner uses, there are still so many unanswered questions.
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