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If you are in Texas like I am, you may immediately think of cows and horses with a brand that shows to which ranch the animal belongs. That’s super close to what branding means, but not exactly.

Everyone needs branding. Everyone. The clothes you choose, your hairstyle, the way you speak, your voice in writing – it’s all a part of your specific brand. It can be imitated, but no one else can do all that stuff the way that you do. It’s that special thing that gives you all that….specialness.

Let’s go back to cows and horses for a second. Just like branding on the bottoms of animals show to whom they belong, your writing displays the same thing when you use it to glorify Christ.

Horse 1

At SOS International, our brand is one of trust. Our donors trust us to drill water wells, feed the hungry and rescue the enslaved. They trust us to see the need, report it and steward funds properly so that we can make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. This wasn’t built in a day, and neither is anything else worth doing.



Your brand is worth developing, massaging, considering, and sometimes it’s a good time to scrap everything and start new. Spend time looking at your brand with objectivity.  It’s completely worth the effort.

If you’d like more information on what we do and who we are, check us out at

Our new website is coming soon, along with completely new branding! If you like what we do, join us in the fight to help at-risk children all over the world. Use your voice, share our stuff, complete a fundraising project, or donate to our projects.



Your brand is powerful.


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Declare is honored to partner with SOS International to support their work of developing sustainable solutions to problems at-risk children face every day. Get to know SOS International at Declare 2016.


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