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Connecting via Video :: Cari Trotter {Ep 31}

I asked today’s guest:

“If you lived on another planet which had more than 24 hours/day what would you do with that extra time?”

Her answer fits her heart.


Cari Trotter would want more time to look at you. Really see you. Prolonged eye contact. (Well, that or flip through a magazine. . .;)).

Cari (and her whole Trotter Tribe) love people. She would love to have y’all in her home to sip coffee and chat about our amazing God.

Since that’s not possible to do with the pace of everyone’s lives or obvious logistical challenges, Cari has created online video Bible study series (such a brilliant idea!). She wants to “catch you where you are”. . .carpool line, grocery store, or kitchen table. . .and connect over God’s Word.

On today’s episode we talk a little about her life as a coach’s wife and a little about how she found the Declare Conference. At the end of the episode Cari shares some great tips for creating videos.

What we chat about:

  • What Cari’s learned moving into one of the wealthiest communities in the world
  • How her family serves and ministers as a coaching family
  • Cari’s crazy story of finding Declare and leaving a house full of moving boxes to attend
  • How Cari just kept saying ‘yes’, even in the face of vulnerability

“When everything around you speeds up, it’s even more important to slow the pace of your spirit”

  • Why Cari decided to do a video Bible study series
  • The most successful video length for her purposes
  • What equipment and set-up Cari uses for filming her videos
  • Her advice for getting started doing videos
  • How Cari’s husband helps her with the filming (brilliant!)
  • This nugget of wisdom:

“We’ve grown to realize the importance of the intangibles. . . those things that money can’t buy. Family time. Deep community relationships. The things that say, ‘I see you. I hear you and I really do love you.'”

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Have you ever considered using videos as a part of your online ministry ?

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