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Contributor Blogs & Corporations :: Kristen Kill {Ep 32}

We all have our ‘thing’.

Something that so fits our giftedness & strengths it doesn’t feel like ‘work’.

When you are trying to decide where to focus, given all these online opportunities, it helps to remember what you love most. Your ‘thing’.

For today’s guest, Kristen Kill, after blogging shifted away from family sharing. . .she went back to her editing and writing roots.


Now Kristen edits for a couple of contributor sites. She also found a way to combine her passion for motherhood & her joy in sharing great stuff. While living in NYC she (& her kiddos) help promote marketing campaigns from major brands & events. Pretty awesome!

Kristen will be leading a main session at the Declare conference. She is also co-hosting a lab with Emily Thomas on Blog to Small Business and Monetization.

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What we chat about:

  • Kristen’s adjustment to life in Mahattan
  • Moving from print to online writing
  • The shift from family blogging to curated content sites
  • What attracts us extroverts to Instagram & microblogging
  • Kristen’s work in editing contributor blogs and corporate blogging
  • How Kristen was asked to be the editor for a contributor blog
  • What introduced Kristen to blogging for corporations (which are fun for her family too)
  • What Kristen will share in the Small Business & Monetization Lab at Declare

Connect with Kristen:

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