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About Getting Published :: Lisa Lloyd {EP 61}

Lisa Lloyd is a charismatic speaker and writer, dedicated to helping people break free from the lies convincing us we don’t have a purpose, when in fact God has created us to herald His fame. With open and vulnerable communication, Lisa uses stories and scripture to demonstrate God’s unique plan for each of us. She continually shares these messages speaking nationally at women’s conferences and mom’s groups. You may also recognize Lisa as an actress seen on popular television shows and national commercials. Her new book, Chasing Famous: Living the Life You’ve Always Auditioned For is now available wherever books are sold.


  • How God uses our stories, good or bad.
  • Making God famous.
  • Writing a book proposal.
  • What a publisher is looking for from a writer.
  • Writing while raising kids.
  • Pandering and panicking.
  • Rejection, rejection, rejection.
  • The most surprising thing about publishing.
  • Her advice for pitching your book idea.
  • Paying it forward.





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2 Responses

  1. Well, I am late to joining in on listening to podcasts for the upcoming conference – but I certainly picked a great place to start. I so appreciate all of this today. I am not bringing a proposal or one sheet to this conference because I am in a season where I have said repeatedly “I just need to be a sponge.” How great is our God! The phrase she kept using. And just when I was wondering if I was an underachiever! Took a ton of notes…thank you for these. What a bonus to attending the conference!

  2. Anne Watson

    I am so glad you liked it! Be prepared to take a lot more notes at the conference! 🙂 Who knows? Maybe you will bring a proposal or one sheet next year!

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