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How Obedience Changes Your Life :: Kristen Welch {Ep 21}

Well. Here it is, the last speaker interview before we all gather in Dallas. Just can’t believe it.

Thank you for listening to the podcast and welcoming our speakers. They have been praying for this weekend, seeking God for the message He wants you to hear. Continue to pray for their safety in traveling and protection over their families as they are away.

Okay. Now on to today’s fabulous podcast guest, Kristen Welch. If you’ve never heard Kristen’s story, you are in for a treat. She shares little glimpses of her obedience journey. But I think you will hear her humble heart of service. And be amazed at all God can do when we simply say “yes”.

 “God asks us all to say “yes” to something. He chooses the people who are least qualified and most inadequate because then He is the most glorified.” -Kristen Welch


What we chat about:

  • How they were (are) “that family” with lots of ER visits, which is what started her online writing back in 2007.
  • How a Compassion International Blogging trip wrecked her and required a response.
  • How she said “yes” to Jesus in a bold way. . .starting maternity homes in Kenya for orphaned and oppressed girls living in poverty (writing about her journey in a new book, “Rhinestone Jesus”).
  • Her new idea to provide employment for impoverished women, single moms, & widows . . .with the gospel as her core–Fair Trade Friday.
  • How obedience is risky and unfamiliar, but not unsafe because God is faithful.
  • How after writing the book, she ended up saying “yes” to training refugees in Houston how to crochet/knit (crafting products that will be part of Fair Trade Fridays).
  • How she overcame fear when traveling to back to the maternity homes in Kenya by focusing on Truth.

Connect with Kristen:

Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Pinterest

Show Notes:


When you stop and consider God calling you to say “yes”, what fears come to mind?

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