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Tips from a Secret (Literary) Agent :: Jessica Kirkland {Ep 20}

You’ve read lots of books. You love books. You have even consider writing a book of your own.

But what is the process of going from book idea to book store?

Fortunately, we have an publication “insider” who is willing to share her knowledge with our Declare community.

Jessica Kirkland (aka “Jessie”), is a literary agent with the Blythe Daniel Agency. She will be speaking at two sessions and on the publication panel. In addition, she is offering several 15 minute one-on-one sessions with her where you can pitch your book idea (wowzers!) (oh, and see show notes below for more great opportunities to work with Jessie).

In today’s podcast episode, Jessie shares how she became a literary agent (a story of wild obedience, actually). She gives us some insider tips on what publishers and agents are looking for when they visit your blog.

And you’ll also find out why we refer to Jessie as a “secret” agent (wink wink).


Connect with Jessie:

Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Pinterest :: Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Kristin Lemus
  • CBA–Association for Christian Retailers
  • Christian Apps for Kids by Jessica Kirkland– The Sounds of Night and The Lonely Stable
  • The Blythe Daniel Agency
  • One-on-one sessions with Jessie (no book proposal required)…sign-up here (only 4 left on Thurs, 3 on Friday, & 3 on Saturday).
  • For the next week (ending July 6th), Jessie is available for blog critiques (5 pg doc) & phone consults (conversation about your blog), each for $40. Just email her: Write in the subject heading: “blog critique” or “phone consults” (more info click here).

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