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Hi from Julie @ bonJOY!
One of the reasons we launched a business around ethical shopping was because we believe that shopping better isn’t just about feeling guilty for supporting sweatshops — it’s about believing that the things we buy can actually have a positive impact in the lives of the people who make them. Are we dreaming too big? I don’t think so… In fact, I’m not sure we aren’t dreaming big enough!
When a candle creates employment for a young mother.
When a scarf supports a safe haven for a woman who’s been abused.
When a necklace has been carefully forged and signed by a brave survivor of trafficking.
When your pajama pants teach business skills.
Turns out, there a lot of people dreaming big and summoning the courage to go the extra mile, often across oceans but sometimes right in their backyards, to create social enterprise businesses with a mission. I love thinking about Jesus rejoicing in that kind of boldness!
Here at bonJOY, we live to tell those stories. Our subscription boxes bring together the tales behind carefully curated products from a wide range of ethical enterprises, introducing the people who buy them to a brighter perspective on shopping. We call it #shopforgood, #purchasepower … and #joyculture. There are other do-good subscription boxes out there, but we’ve kept ours with a tight focus on products that help trafficked, exploited, and at-risk women. Our list of partners started with three… now we have a list of over 100, some who we haven’t even had a chance to connect with yet! All dreaming those big dreams and going after them with boldness and hope.
Yes, making a commitment to ethical shopping can be hard and definitely doesn’t happen all at once. I’m still learning too! I don’t always have time to shop online for the best fair trade alternatives to something I need, and the local fair trade shopping scene is barely inching along in some places.
The good news: it’s getting easier and easier. Here are some resources we’ve put together to help you step into the world of more ethical shopping. Remember, baby steps!
And, of course, obligatory self-promotion here, but we think our boxes are pretty rad if you’re looking for a fun way to get your hands on some good goods. No subscription required! They’re also really fun to send as a gift to a friend to encourage their own walk in ethical shopping.
Use the code DECLARE2016 for $2 off the box of your choice over $20! WELCOMESHIP will get you free shipping on your first recurring subscription.
So here’s to joy & your ethical shopping journey! Drop me a line anytime if you’re trying to track down a specific ethical product or have any tips to share — we always welcome guest bloggers & love connecting with friends on a similar journey.
— Julie
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