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Seed Effect :: Missy Williams {Ep 35}

What would you do if your country had been in civil war for 25 years?

If you were left in the aftermaths of a war-torn country with a tarp and a bag of wheat, how would you survive? What skills do you have? What goods could you sell in order to feed your family?

Where would you get the money to start your business? 

In the South Sudan, over 1600 individuals have found hope in the form of micro-finance loans from Seed Effect, a Declare Conference sponsor. A $150 loan can change the game for a mom in South Sudan.


Today I’m chatting with Missy Williams, co-founder of Seed Effect. She shares the ways they are working with the South Sudan community to rebuild and revive.

As writers, bloggers, internet-ers we have the privilege of using our online spaces to spread the word about what God is doing around the world. Seed Effect would love to partner with individuals from the Declare community. They would be honored to have you share the stories of loan recipients on your blogs or social media outlets.

If you want to work with Seed Effect and be a voice, then email to discuss opportunities.

What we chat about:

  • What is microfinance
  • What kind of accountability and training do they give loan recipients
  • Why are they in South Sudan
  • Why are 70% of loan recipients women
  • What can you do to support Seed Effect
  • How can bloggers get involved declaring the stories and work of Seed Effect

Connect with Seed Effect:

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