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Stories that Change Us :: Jessica Kirkland {EP 42}

Meet Jessica:

Jessica Kirkland joined The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc. as Marketing and Literary Agent in 2012. She acquires both fiction and non-fiction and has a strong command for helping authors with book development. Jessica thinks outside the box as a marketer, and her experience as a business owner has helped her to coach authors to brand themselves more effectively.

When Jessica isn’t helping authors write their books, she writes on her own website where she writes about faith, family, culture, and all things Southern. Jessica lives in Texas with her husband, Robb, and 10-year-old triplets. She can be bribed with hugs and gluten-free cupcakes, and enjoys chatting with authors on Facebook.


What we chat about:

  • her bi-annual phone call blitz
  • what exactly an agent does for a writer
  • what to do when you see an agent (i.e. her) at a conference
  • what to do if your book proposal initially gets rejected

Where to find Jessica:

twitter :: facebook :: instagram

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