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The Declare Conference is a soft place to land and a place to take flight. You will meet your Jesus sisters at Declare. He’s the key to all the thoughtfulness, the hospitality, the love. The Declare Conference wants to equip you to meet with Jesus and to share Him at home, in your community and online.”

Britta Lafont

Pray, plan, and expect. Expect God to move your plans around to His. To see Him and hear Him in the lives of others. God exceeded my prayer, went above and beyond, and made a bond for life.

Christie Hughes

You’ve made a wonderful decision to attend the Declare Conference! Before you come, pray about what God wants you to receive from the conference experience and why you registered, THEN leave it at His feet. Let Him do what He does best. You will not be disappointed and you will Declare Him Good!

Dr. Michelle Bengtson