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The Power of Focus :: Kat Lee (EP 48)


Declare favorite, Kat Lee, is back with more great wisdom on this episode of the podcast. If you haven’t met her yet, Kat is married to Jimmy and they live in Texas with their 3 beautiful kids. Kat is the creator and visionary behind Inspired To Action and Hello Mornings just to name a few. Plus, she is working on releasing her first book! You are going to fall in love with her wisdom, her love of nerd facts and her passion for helping women get the most out of the latest tools for communication. Don’t miss Kat on this episode or at Declare 2017!


The One Thing Book

168 Hours Book by Laura Vanderkamp


  • Focus and setting priorities that work for you
  • When to switch gears
  • Building life-giving habits
  • The least effective way to build a platform


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HOST: Anne Watson

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  1. Thank you Anne and Kat! What a timely word! I feel like I have been wasting my energy and loosing focus on where my energy is best spent in building my platform. I love the simple suggestion for beginners of using your energy on the thing you love to do most(speaking, writing etc.), that resonated with me. Thank you for those words of wisdom!

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